Our Partnership

Clark Contractors, LLC is a partnership among William Clark, Shannon Earls and Danny Bennett, who have worked together for more than 26 years. We share a common reputation in the construction industry as honest, dependable and diligent team players who work in the best interest of the Owner. The integrity and past performance of our people is the cornerstone of our reputation and clearly demonstrates our ability to deliver high quality projects within or under budget and on time or ahead of schedule.

Our Mission

We build relationships with people and serve in partnership with clients to make their vision reality.

Our Values

Family Spirit – We care about others, promote healthy family values, and desire to include everyone.
Humility – We strive to listen and put others first.
Relationships – We pursue and grow meaningful connections with people.
Service – We exist to meet the needs of others.
Teamwork – We enjoy working together to achieve shared goals.
Transparency – We communicated openly and honestly.
Trust – We foster a culture of reliability through the integrity and character of our people.

Our Vision

We want to be recognized as the contractor of choice for a growing client base.