Change Order Management

Our Change Order Management philosophy is very simple:

The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) will establish the maximum cost of construction for the project, except for any subsequent owner-initiated changes in the scope of the project.

Clark Contractors, LLC devotes a great deal of effort into clear communication during the bidding process and early resolution of issues in pre-construction and construction to minimize the potential for change orders. This approach is interwoven into our pre-construction and construction processes, as you will see throughout our proposal, and is an integral part of our success.

Key Elements of our Change Order Management include:

  • Bid Packages include the following to clearly communicate our expectations to all bidders:
    • Bid Invitations
    • Instructions to Bidders
    • Plans, Specifications & Addenda
    • Scope of Work
    • Construction Schedule
    • Project Conditions & Constraints (If Any)
  • Bid Package Development, Comparison, Analysis & Award Guidelines:
    • Define CSI Divisions for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Prepare Scope Sheets for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Prepare Proposal Summaries for Comparison of All Bids for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Review Scope of Each Bidder’s Proposal versus CLARK Scope Sheet for That Trade
    • Review Scope of Each Bidder’s Proposal versus the Plans, Specifications & Addenda
    • Resolve Any Issues or Discrepancies in Each Bidder’s Scope of Work with Each Bidder
    • Include Resolution in the Proposal Summaries, and subsequently in the Subcontract or Purchase Order for the Successful Bidder
    • Review Bidder’s Schedule for compliance with CLARK Overall Project Schedule
    • Determine the Lowest Responsible Bidder for Each Trade
  • Review Design for Constructability, Coordination & Potential Conflicts
  • Review Check Sets during Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents and 2 Weeks Prior to issue of Final Construction Documents.
  • Requests for Information (RFI) in Bidding Process:
    • Review & Submit Pre-Bid Requests for Information (RFI) or Clarifications to Design Team
    • Design Team to issue Addenda for Any Necessary Clarifications or Additional Information
  • Requests for Information (RFI) during construction to resolve potential issues in timely manner

Clark Contractors, LLC will work in the best interest of the Owner to achieve their goals and produce the most value for the project.

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