The Commons at the Country Club of Little Rock – Phase III Renovation and Expansion

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The Commons at the Country Club of Little Rock – Phase III Renovation and Expansion

This project involved a 5,000 SF renovation of the Country Club of Little Rock’s (CCLR) clubhouse and building a 19,568 SF three-story addition to the Club. Ornate patterns and intricate detail work are featured throughout, providing a modernized, refreshed aesthetic for CCLR.

As part of the project, several new amenities were added to the Club, including a 5,000 SF Covered Patio, Kids Club, Ladies Lounge and Grille, Ladies Lockers, Ladies Card Room, Mixed Grille, Men’s Grille, Private Dining Room, Smoothie Bar, Fitness Center, and Yoga Studio.

The project was completed while the Club remained open, which posed a challenge as the construction site was close to an active golf course. The services and amenities CCLR offers its members are a valuable membership component. Therefore, we ensured all club amenities and main entrances remained open during construction. During the Summer, the Club’s swimming pool was open daily from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. – our teams worked around the pool with no issues. In addition, the Owner held a weekly, high-level company meeting in a conference room right off the renovation. To avoid disturbing the meeting, we shut down all loud operations during this time and adjusted our work based on this or any other requests the Owner made.

We installed 700’+ of new sewer lines through the fairway adjacent to the Club. All golfing remained open during this time, and we kept the club sewer open throughout. We also completed a ground-to-ceiling renovation in the basement, with the clubhouse above occupied. This work required careful coordination to avoid significant disruptions to power or HVAC, as the power, water, and HVAC are all on a single service.

We also demolished and re-piped 150’+ sanitary sewer lines located 8′ underneath the building. This work was performed while keeping the Club’s full-service kitchen and all restrooms open. In addition, two separate grease traps were installed without closing the kitchen.



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The Country Club of Little Rock


Little Rock, AR


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October 2022

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