UAMS East District Energy Project

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UAMS East District Energy Project

The UAMS East District Energy Project includes Replacement of Steam Space Heating and Service Water Heating Systems with High Efficiency Hydronic Space Heating and Service Water Heating Systems and All Related Infrastructure Work on the UAMS Campus.

The project provides for the replacement of an existing steam distribution system with a hydronic system.  The project scope includes the construction of an addition to the existing Main Central Energy Plant, installation of high efficiency heating water equipment, installation of heating water distribution piping, and the conncetion of the heating water distribution system to the space heating and service water heating systems in twelve (12) campus buildings.  The automatic temperature controls for the heating water system will be connected to the campus energy management system.  The automatic temperature controls will also include individual metering at each campus building.

The project was delivered using a master scheduling, budgeting and materials procurement process.

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TME, Inc.

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May, 2013

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