Cost Control Process

The Cost Control Process starts in Pre-Construction and continues throughout Construction.

Our Cost Control Process includes:

  • Assist Owner with Managing Project Budget
  • Schematic & Design Development Budget Estimates:
    • Solicit, Obtain & Evaluate Subcontractor/Supplier Budget Estimates
    • Provide Scope Description & Schedule of Values with Each Budget Estimate
    • Track Budget Estimates against Project Budget
    • Identify Cost Issues & Potential Cost Saving Alternatives
    • Evaluate Potential Cost Saving Alternatives
  • Evaluate Alternative Systems or Materials
  • Evaluate Value Engineering & Possible Cost Saving Alternatives
  • Subcontractor / Vendor Pre-Qualification
  • Develop Subcontractor and Supplier Interest in the Project
  • Submit Potential List of Bidder for Review & Approval
  • Solicit & Obtain Bids from Subcontractors / Suppliers
  • Requests for Information (RFI) in Bidding Process:
    • Review & Submit Pre-Bid Requests for Information (RFI) or Clarifications to Design Team
    • Design Team to issue Addenda for Any Necessary Clarifications or Additional Information
  • Bid Package Development, Comparison, Analysis & Award Guidelines:
    • Define CSI Divisions for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Prepare Scope Sheets for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Prepare Proposal Summaries for Comparison of All Bids for Each Trade or Bid Package
    • Review Scope of Each Bidder’s Proposal versus CLARK Scope Sheet for That Trade
    • Review Scope of Each Bidder’s Proposal versus the Plans, Specifications & Addenda
    • Resolve Any Issues or Discrepancies in Each Bidder’s Scope of Work with Each Bidder
    • Include Resolution in the Proposal Summaries, and subsequently in the Subcontract or Purchase Order for the Successful Bidder
    • Review Bidder’s Schedule for compliance with CLARK Overall Project Schedule
    • Determine the Lowest Responsible Bidder for Each Trade
  • Establish & Submit Guaranteed Maximum Price, Scope Description & Clarifications
  • Issue Subcontracts & Purchase Orders to the Successful Bidders
  • Establish & Maintain Cost Controls in our Accounting System (Maxwell)
  • Review & Approve Time Sheets
  • Review & Approve All Invoices & Subcontractor Payment Requests
  • Subcontractor Lien Waivers, Third Party Obligations & Third Party Lien Waivers
  • Delivery of the Project on Time or Ahead of Schedule

Clark Contractors, LLC uses Viewpoint Vista for our Accounting Software.

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