Sustainable Construction & Life Cycle Analysis

The Management Team of Clark Contractors, LLC has extensive experience in working with Owners, Architects, Engineers and Sustainable Design Consultants to evaluate and incorporate sustainable design and construction into their projects.

Our Sustainable Construction Process includes:

  • Work with Owner and Design Team to Establish Sustainable Design & Construction Goals
  • Pro-Actively Pursue Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Design & Construction into the Project
  • Evaluate LEED, Green Globes or other “Sustainable Design & Construction” Requirements
    • Evaluate First Cost Impact (If Any)
    • Evaluate Potential Cost Saving Alternatives
      • Price Alternative Systems
      • Price Alternative Materials, Details and Construction Methods
    • Advise on Appropriate Selection of Building Systems, Materials & Equipment
    • Check Availability and Lead Times of Building Systems, Materials & Equipment
    • Review Systems and Details for Constructability & Economy
  • Provide First Cost Information to Owner and Design Team for use in the Life Cycle Analysis (Note: Design Team Normally Provides the Life Cycle Analysis)
  • Work with Owner and Design Team to Evaluate First Cost versus Long-Term Benefit
    • Quality
    • Functionality
    • Maintenance
    • Longevity and/or Durability
    • Value to Owner and/or End User
  • Incorporate LEED, Green Globes or other “Sustainable Design & Construction” Requirements into the Construction Schedule & Bid Packages
    • Schedule Early Bid Packages for Any Long Lead Delivery Items
    • Purchase/Pre-Purchase Any Long Lead Items necessary to meet the Project Schedule
    • Assign Long Lead Items to Successful Subcontractors at Later Date

We believe that people have a responsibility to future generations to make environmentally responsible decisions in the design, construction and operation of their buildings, whether or not the choice is made to pursue certification by Sustainable Design & Construction Standards such as LEED or Green Globes. Sustainable Design and Construction is leadership by example and demonstrates the commitment of the Owner, Design Team and General Contractor to environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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