UAMS Energy Cost Saving Measures

Clark Contractors is currently providing construction management services for interior renovations for UAMS to implement energy cost savings measures that will effectively touch over 35 buildings spread across five million square feet of UAMS’ campus. We are completing the interior work while working collaboratively with multiple teams, including an engineering firm and additional contractor.

The renovations and improvements are being performed on UAMS’ bustling, active campus and require construction scheduling and coordination around UAMS campus operations. During the project, there have been zero unplanned or unexpected outages at UAMS, allowing the major medical center to continue functioning smoothly even with ongoing construction. 

Work Packages:

  • Campus Wide Building Automation Upgrades
  • Campus Wide Lighting Retrofits
  • Installing Campus-Wide Metering
  • Electrical Distribution from the Newly Constructed East Energy Plant (Decommissioning 18 Free-Standing Generators)
  • Electrical Infrastructure Work (High Voltage Conversion to Medium Voltage and Distribution)
  • District Piping (Interconnecting More Buildings to the Plant)
  • Barton Building Infrastructure Work
  • Air Handling Unit Change Outs
  • Upgrading Lab Controls


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University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Little Rock, AR


Bernhard (Engineer)

Completion Date

December 2022

Clark Contractors

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